Life on a Yarn Farm

I made myself a felted Shepherdess Pocket that is nothing more than a portable pocket that attaches to my belt and holds necessary items so my hands are free. The other day it held predosed syringes with worm medicine. This weekend it will contain CDT vaccines. Mine looks like a small saddle bag and the belt was made from braided baling twine. Not suited to street wear, but quite fashionable for around the farm.

My toddler granddaughter admired it and needed one, too. I call hers The Little Traveler and it is well suited to hold the little treasures she finds on walks. It can be tied around her waist or used as a shoulder bag. Tomorrow we will gird ourselves with portable pockets and go to the beach and quest for sea glass.

The pockets slide off the belt so they can be positioned as needed and more pockets can be added or subtracted.