Life on a Yarn Farm

A sheep that has been lead trained is easier to handle. Especially, when you wish to move it, shear it or tie it up for hoof trimming, worming or medical attention. It also gets them used to being handled which is nicer for all concerned, especially the lamb. For the new owner, it means that sheep handling doesn’t have to provide entertainment for the neighbors. Halter training the lambs is my gift to the new shepherds/shepherdesses whose farms they will grace.

I’m starting out easy by putting lamb halters on a few lambs each day and letting them get used to them for about 10 minutes. Getting it on the first time is a bit of a rodeo. Once on, the lamb quickly adapts. Within a week or two, the lead will be fastened on the halter. By the time they leave here, they will be walking around like dogs on leashes…maybe.