Life on a Yarn Farm

Knit this practical sachet bag for a quick intro to lace knitting. Make a bag of tulle or organza, tie it with ribbon, and thread the ribbon through the lace to serve as drawstrings. Refill the inner tulle bag when the sachet grows stale. The ease of refilling is one of it’s best features.

My grey Finnsheep friend, Dora, donated the wool. It was spun thinner than usual to reduce bulk, and I experimented with needle size to get the desired effect. The tulle bag contains dried lavender flowers from my garden. It’s now ready to protect woolens from moths while imparting my favorite fragrance. Except for the tulle and ribbon, it was a homegrown project.

The pattern and instructions are easy to follow once you get the hang of it.

Beginner’s Lace Sachet Bag