Life on a Yarn Farm

We have a small ram lamb that is one of the quads. He is definitely not a lamb I would sell as breeding quality. But,¬†Franz is sweet tempered with a lustrous fleece, and I need a wether to keep the new young ram company. Even though I own the equipment, I’ve never banded any animal. This is a task I’ve previously left to my shearer.

Circumstances alter cases, and I found myself in the position of having to do this job myself. Of course, I enlisted the help of Friend Daughter to hold the lamb and provide support and encouragement. The following video was viewed several times and gave the necessary instruction for success.

I was apprehensive about doing this myself and monitored him closely for days. Franz laid around for a bit, but followed the flock around as they grazed. He seemed uncomfortable as opposed to being in pain. Within a couple of hours, he was up and eating. Three weeks later his testicles had dropped off.

Lamb Castration – Banding a Ram Lamb