Life on a Yarn Farm

I’ve tired of Facebook as a farm venue and decided to post all farm news, happenings and updates on a blog. It’s a happy and busy time of year with lambs running around, a litter of bunnies growing into fiber animal status and weeding in the garden…lots of weeding. No matter, the angora rabbits relish every weed and blade of grass that doesn’t make it to the compost heap.

Even though the rainy weather is preventing us finishing up on shearing the sheep, it’s welcome for the wonderful way it transforms the pastures. Weeding is also easier from moist earth than from dry, hard ground.


The quads have been getting a few supplemental bottles each day. I cut that to one in the morning and one at night. They are less interested than before which makes me think that mom is producing more milk now that she’s out on pasture all day. One of the little stinkers tore his eyelid and we are treating that. There are a couple of ram lambs that look like they will have extra nice fleeces. I’d love to keep them, but I already have too many rams.


The bunnies will be 6 weeks old tomorrow and the does will soon be released into the colony. They are a nice mix of white ones and sable ones. So, I can blend their fiber with like color fleeces for soft, warm yarn with a bit of halo.


I finished my first lace knitting. It’s a sachet knit from Dora’s fleece. After it’s filled with lavender and the ribbon ties are added, I’ll post a picture.

Pockets…can you ever have enough?  I never seem to so will try my hand at a knit and felted utility/farmHer/shepherdess belt. I think the pockets will be removable and there will be one “dress” pocket to carry cash, ID, library card  etc.