2017 Lambs

Four ram and four ewe lambs were born between 4/9/17 and 4/16/17. Pictures and pedigrees of the parents are found on the Ewe and Ram pages. The lambs are Finnsheep Breeder’s Association registered and will be available beginning July 23 for $250 each. Lambs will be vaccinated, wormed and halter trained.

Starlight Hill DeMayo x Eldorado 217 twin rams. We call the brown one Brando and the white pied, Keebler. These two should have exceptionally nice fleeces. The brown ram is reserved.

Keebler at 6 weeks. Available











Eldorado 351 x Peck 0091 T’s Queen twin ewe lambs.

Black ewe at 6 weeks. Available











White ewe at 6 weeks. Available.











Starlight Hill’s Gary x Starlight Hill’s Toad quads – 2 white rams and 2 ewes, one fawn and one pied. These are the two that are still available.












Hans 6 weeks. Available.












Lil Sis at 6 weeks. Available










Lil Sis